Tracking Text Messaging Activity

The easiest way to track all firm messaging activity is to view the Message Center.

You can also use the matter timeline to track when text messages are sent and received via Lawmatics.

Whether your text is sent via automation or from our two-way texting feature, you will see the text message logged on the matter's timeline.

Click the eyeball icon highlighted on the right side of the screen to view the full text conversation.

The best way to stay up-to-date on your ongoing text message threads is to turn on your notifications for SMS Received. This is found in settings, gear icon near the top right, and then select Notification Settings on the left sidebar.

Each user at your firm can opt to receive notifications for SMS Received, which will notify them of all text message replies received across the whole firm, or SMS Only Mine Received, which will only notify them of texts from a matter that they are the owner of.

Each user can also opt to receive these notifications via email or in-app. Via email is recommended to make sure you are notified of your messages even when you are not currently signed into Lawmatics.

Your text recipients can opt out of text messaging from your firm at any time by simply replying STOP. If they change their mind, they can resume text communication once more by texting START in the same text thread. If they send either of these messages, you will see that show up as a message received on their matter timeline just like you would see any other message.

If they have opted out, they may still trigger in an automation that contains a text message action, or someone at your firm may inadvertently send them a one-off text without realizing they had opted out. If that occurs, not to worry. The system will automatically prevent these messages from being delivered to any contacts who have opted out. 


Can someone resubscribe if they change their mind after they have opted out?

Yes, they can simply reply START to resume messaging.

When I get an email notification that a matter has replied to my text, can I reply to that email to text them back?

No, replying to the notification email will not text the client. When you receive the notification email it is up to you to reach back out to the client. The only way to engage in two-way texting with the client in Lawmatics is to subscribe to our two-way texting option. Email if you would like to add this feature to your account.