Attaching Files to Emails

When sending emails via Lawmatics, you may occasionally want to include an attachment(s) with your email templates. This is easy to do, and can also be built as part of an automation.

In order to include any files as attachments, you must first upload them to your Firm Files in Lawmatics. There are two ways to upload files. First, you can hover your mouse on the orange plus sign in the top right corner to view the shortcut menu, then select Upload Files. 

Any files that you upload here will be saved as Firm Files and can be used as email attachments.

Alternatively, you can also go to the Firm Files page by hovering your mouse on Assets at the top of your page, and select Files from the menu. Here you can upload files, and you can also view and mange any files that have already been uploaded.

Should you need to rename a file, either in your firm files as shown above or on a matter's profile shown below, simply click the edit pencil to rename. However the file is named in Lawmatics is how the file name will appear on your email attachment.

Once you have uploaded the file(s) that you wish to attach, you are now ready to include it with an email template. Keep in mind that attachments are not saved with the email template itself, but rather they are selected when sending the email, either manually or via automation.

Let's look at including attachments with an automation first. Whenever you use the Send Email action item in an automation, you will have the option to select attachments. Simply click in the Attachments box, shown below, and then browse through your firm files to choose which one(s) you would like to attach.

You can select a single file, or select multiple to include multiple attachments. Click the X to the left of each file to remove as an attachment.

Note that you may also want to check the box to Attach Signature to Email, shown above. This doesn't include the signature as a traditional "attachment" to the email, rather it just places the sender's signature block at the bottom of the email. The files that we select as attachments, will be included as traditional "attachments" to the email.

This is useful in an automation because you will not need to select the attachments each time, you only need to build them into the automation once, and then they will send with that email each time this automation runs.

You will follow a similar process for including attachments when manually sending an email. Any time you are manually sending an email,  from the Emails page, from a matter's profile, creating an email campaign, etc, you will also have the option to select attachments.

Below you will see an example of including an attachment with a quick send email from a matter's profile.

Remember that if you do not see the file you wish to attach in the drop down list of available attachments, you will first need to upload it as a firm file. You can then select it from the attachments menu, highlighted above.


What types of files can I attach?

All standard file types can be uploaded to your firm files and used as attachments. 

Is there a file size limit?

The file size limit is very large, so you should not typically run into the limit being an issue. Should you hit size limit, we suggest sharing your file as a Dropbox or GoogleDrive link instead of attaching the file.

Are my files in Lawmatics secure?

Yes, Lawmatics upholds all industry standards for data security. Learn more about our security policy here.