Custom Asset Emails

You can now create custom email templates for sending out your firm assets such as Custom Forms, Documents, File Requests, and Booking Forms. This gives you the opportunity to include more customized content in the email, along with the link to the asset you are sharing with the PNC.

To create your custom asset emails, start by hovering on the Assets tab, and select the type of asset you wish to create an email for. Then, click the icon and select Email Template.

Wel use custom forms for this example, but you will see a similar dropdown menu as pictured above when you click the icon for your documents, file requests, and booking forms as well.

After clicking Email Template (circled above), youl then create your plain text email template for sharing this particular form/document/etc. You can merge in fields as needed using the various field dropdown menus, and make sure you input the custom link for the asset, as shown below.

Once you have created the email template for this particular asset, you will have the choice to use the standard Lawmatics HTML email template for sharing this asset, or you can select to use your Email Template.

You will see this option when sharing the asset manually, as shown above, or when sharing the asset via automation, shown below.