Sending Emails via Lawmatics

After you’ve created email templates in Lawmatics, they will live in the "Your Emails" section on the emails page, found under the Assets tab. You can easily send any of these emails via automation or by manually sending them to a recipient. 

When on the Emails page, you will use the icons on the far right to edit, send, delete, or view stats on the email. You will see the send icon circled below on the right.

If you don’t see the icons in your window, you may need to scroll over further to the right. When you click send, you will see the options shown below.

Note that you have the option to send the email as a test at the very top of the window. When sending as a test, you will select one of your users to receive the test email. You will also need to select from any contact or matter to merge fields from, this person will not receive the email, but their fields will be used to merge into the email for the purposes of your test.

When you are ready to send the email to a contact or matter for real, you will click back to the Send As Is option.

After you have made selections for the options shown below, you can choose to send the email now, by clicking send, or schedule the email to send later, by clicking the clock icon to the right of the Send button. You will then select when you want the email to be sent, shown below.

This is just one of the ways to send an email from Lawmatics. You will see these same options for manually sending an email from a matter's profile page. To send one of your email templates from a matter's profile, click the Send Email button near the top left of the page, highlighted in red below.

Once you select the template you wish to send, you can click the button highlighted in red below to make one-off edits to the email text. Once you are happy with the changes, you can click the same button to preview how the email will look with that matter’s fields merged in.

This is very useful for emails that are mostly templated, but occasionally require some individualization for a particular matter.

You also have the option to send a quick send email to an individual matter by clicking the gray Send Email button on the matter, circled below. This is useful for drafting a one-time email that you wouldn’t need a template for. 

You can also send any of your emails via automation. All of the templates you see in the Your Emails section will be available to select from when using the Send Email Action in an automation.

Whichever way you send an email from Lawmatics, it will show up on the recipient’s timeline at the time it is delivered, and again if they open it. If the matter opens it more than once, you will see each open as a separate activity on the timeline.


What email address will my outbound emails send from?

Whenever you sending an email from Lawmatics you will have the option to select from any of your users, or the firm email, for sending the email. Also make sure that you have validated your firm's custom email domain to send directly from your domain.

Can I include attachments with my emails?

Yes, you can upload files to your firm files in Lawmatics, and then select from any of your firm files to be used as attachments. Learn more about that here.

Will I see emails sent via Lawmatics in my outbox of my regular email client?

No, you will not see Lawmatics emails in your regular outbox. The best way to confirm that an email has been sent is to view it on the recipient's timeline.