Payment Gateway (LMPay)

With LMPay you can collect payments directly within a custom form or booking form. This is incredibly useful for collection consultation fees (or other types of fees) in one seamless step while a client is booking an appointment and/or filling out a form.

Before you can use the payment gateway field in your forms, you must first register for LMPay.

Once you have registered and been approved for LMPay, you will see the LMPay Gateway option in the Advanced section of the custom form editor, as highlighted in red below.

Once again, this is most commonly used with a booking request. You will see that in this example form we have adding the booking request field (in green above) to the form. Notice that we also have the booking request underneath a page divider, meaning that the booking widget will be on its own page within the form.

Drag the LMPay Gateway field onto the form and place it beneath the booking request. The system will automatically add another page divider, so that the client will select their appointment first on one page, and then move to the next page to make their payment.

After you have dragged and dropped the LMPay Gateway field, click on it to make additional selections. Once you click on the field in the form you will see the righthand menu as shown below.

Here you can select whether or not to use the appointment type billing details, add a default fee amount, select the activity type, and so forth. Make your selections as needed and then click the save form button at the bottom of that righthand menu.

When you preview the form, the payment page will appear as shown below:

Note that you also have the option to allow the Client to fill in the amount. This is most commonly used for internal forms, to allow your firm user (rather than the client) to fill in a custom amount for the payment. This is useful for collecting payments over the phone or in your office when there is a custom amount such as a discount. To do this, simply check the "Client will fill" option next to the amount, highlighted below.

When this option is selected, the form will appear as so when being filled out:

Note that the amount of $100 was manually typed in the box at the top.

Additionally, when using the form internally you also have the option to reference a certain invoice number when collecting payment via the gateway on forms. This is only available when you have checked the "Client Will Fill" option, once you check that box you will see an additional option shown at the bottom in the image below.

When this option is turned on, you can use the form to look up a particular invoice number and attribute the payment to that invoice.

If your client is calling in to make a payment, they may have their invoice number easily available. Simply have them read it off so you can type it in, along with their email address, and you can then collect their payment to be applied to that invoice.

If they do not have their invoice number readily available, you can also locate in Lawmatics on their matter or on the invoices page.