LMPay Registration

LMPay is the native Lawmatics payment solution. Use it to collect payments such as consultation fees, retainers, etc. This payment solution differs from our full Time & Billing solution, which you can learn about here. The Time & Billing feature is necessary if you would like to track time and expenses, as well as automate payment invoices.

LMPay requires no additional monthly fee or subscription, and offers free ACH payments. The credit card fees are as follows:

  • Non-AMEX: 2.95% + 10 cents
  • AMEX: 3.45% + 10 cents

To get started with the registration, go to your settings page and select LMPay from the left sidebar menu. Note that you will only see this option once you have activated LMPay by emailing support.

After registering you firm, you will also need to complete the enrollment information. This is done by clicking the "click here" button shown in the image below.

Below you will see a sample of the enrollment information page. Fill out each of the necessary steps at your convenience. Once you ahve finished all steps, application approval takes 24-48 hours.

Please note that if Trust Account is needed, you must also upload a voided check.