Automation "Delay Until" Action

One of the most powerful actions when building an automation is the ability to delay the workflow. Use this action allows you to create a "break" in the automation, so that it will wait to execute the next action for the specified time.
Click Add Delay to build a delay into your automation.

There are two different ways to use a delay.
1. Delay for Length of Time

Use this option to select a static amount of time for the delay, in minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or years.

The automation will then pause at this delay action for the specified amount of time, and move to the next action item once the time has passed.

2. Delay Until Action Occurs

Rather than specifying a certain amount of time, this option allows you to extend the delay until a separate action has occurred. Simply select the action and status that, once achieved, will allow the delay to complete. Once that action has achieved the selected status, then the delay will be complete and the automation will progress to the next action.

When selecting the item that will complete the delay, remember that the item must be built into this automation, and it must occur before the delay in the workflow. In this example, we have a task called "Task 1" directly ahead of the delay.

We have then set the delay to wait until Task 1 is Completed, and once that status is reached then the second task in the workflow will be assigned, as shown below.

This is currently only available for tasks, but will soon be available for other actions like forms, documents, and appointments as well. Stay tuned for these future updates!