Automation Entry Rules/Triggers

Automations are one of the most powerful features in Lawmatics. Each Automation is triggered by one or several different triggering actions/conditions. This article will go through each automation trigger in detail.

It is important to note that triggers can be mixed and matched as desired. For example, you can create a trigger from filling out a form and also whether they have opened a specific email.

1 - Filled a form:

This trigger allows you to select a specific form that, when submitted, will automatically trigger the automation.

2 - Match on Fields

The match on fields trigger is one of the most powerful triggers. It allows you create a trigger based on fields in your CRM database.

1. This drop down box is necessary when you have multiple fields you are matching on. It indicates whether you are requirement ALL conditions to be met in order to trigger the automation, meaning an AND condition, or whether you want it to trigger if ANY of the conditions are met, meaning an OR condition.

2. The conditions section is where you will select the field from the CRM that you would like to match on. You will also chose the condition would like evaluated and then the value you are seeking a match on. The condition options will change depending on the type of the field that you select as your target. For example, a list type field will have equals or not equals as condition options whereas a number field will have greater than, less than and other similar condition options.

3. The add condition button allows you add multiple conditions to the matching trigger.

3 - Signed Document

Lawmatics allows you to create an automation trigger based off of the signing of any particular e-signature document. A great example of this would be if you have sent a fee agreement for signature by a new client. You could then build an automation that would only trigger once all parties have signed that fee agreement. Perhaps an automation that changes their pipeline stage after the document has been signed.

4 - Requested File

Lawmatics file requests are a very valuable tool, allowing you to easily send out templated filed requests to your pncs, giving them a great and easy experience to upload the files you need. We also allow you to create automations triggers based on the status of a particular File Request.

  1. Select the File Request template that you would like to base this automation trigger on
  2. Select whether you want the status of the File Requested to be (IS) or not to be(IS NOT).
  3. Here is where you select what status you are looking for. There are 3 status options. Pending - meaning that the File Request has been sent but no files have been submitted. Submitted - meaning that some files have been submitted but not all the requested files. Completed - meaning that all requested files have been uploaded 

5 - Custom Email Event

Custom email event triggers in automations are one of the most critical pieces when it comes to email marketing and automation. This trigger allows you fire an automation based on whether a specific email has been opened or clicked on(assuming there is a clickable link in the email).

  1.  Select the email that you would like to base this automation trigger on.
  2. Select whether you want the automation to trigger on the specific email being opened by the recipient or clicked on by the recipient. Note: only emails with active links in the email will ever be clickable.