User Settings Overview

Setting up your My Settings, Notifications, and Mail Sync

My Settings:

1. Go to the settings page in Lawmatics 

2. This will immediately take you to the "My Setting" page

3. On this page you will verify your "Personal Information" is correct

4. Add a picture

-This picture will be included in Signature Request emails

5. Add your email signature 

- It is recommend that you turn on the toggle to include your email signature on emails sent from you
- If you do not want your signature to be double spaced, press shift+enter in order to add a line break without skipping a line
- When adding an image, check the size of the image before pasting it in the text editor. You will usually not want that image to be more than 3 inches wide. 


1. Click on Notifications below My Settings

2. You will see  In-App and Email options 

- Notifications toggled on for Email will be sent to the email address on your My Setting page
- Notifications toggled on for In-App will go to the exclamation point on the upper right of your screen 

3. The changes to this page will save automatically

Mail Sync:

Our mail sync will sync over any emails and attachments that are being sent between you and a matter in you work email to Lawmatics, as long as the matter exists in Lawmatics with the same email address. 

1. Click on Mail Sync below Notifications

2. Select your email provider, click I have read the instructions and I'm ready to connect my account, click CONNECT EMAIL ACCOUNT, enter the email address you would like to connect, and click SIGN IN

3. Toggle on Sync Email and Sync Attachments

For information on how to connect your calendar, please click here