User Settings Overview

My Settings

Begin by going to the settings page, click the gear icon near the top right 

This will immediately take you to the "My Settings" page. On this page you will verify your "Personal Information" is correct and add a profile picture for your user profile.

If you are using Lawmatics for time & billing management, you will also see your User Time and Billing Settings here. These settings allow you to choose a default time entry rate specific to you as a user, as well as different default rates for different billing activity types.

You will also see the option to select a default billing user. If you are often logging time entries or expenses for yourself, then keep yourself selected as the default billing user. If it is more common for you to log entries on behalf of another staff member, feel free to select a different default user accordingly.

As you scroll down the page you will then see the option to add your email signature, as shown below.

It is recommend that you turn on the toggle to include your email signature on emails sent from you so that you are sure not to miss the signature. Note that you can always manually turn off the option to include your signature on an email by email basis as needed.

The system defaults to double spacing your signature, if you do not want your signature to be double spaced, press shift+enter in order to add a line break without skipping a line.

Lastly, if adding an image such as your logo, check the size of the image before pasting it in the text editor. You will usually not want that image to be more than 3 inches wide. 


Next let's move on to your user notification options, click on Notifications below My Settings.

It is important to note that all of these notifications are unique to your specific user account. Each of your firm's Lawmatics users is free to customize their own notification preferences, the selections you make here will only apply to your user profile. 

As you make these selections, you will see In-App and Email options.

Notifications toggled on for Email will be sent to your user email address (can be viewed on your My Setting page). Notifications toggled on for In-App will stay within Lawmatics, view them by clicking on the exclamation point icon in the upper right of your screen 

Scroll down on your page to make sure you view all notification options. Note that you can come back and make updates to your notification preferences at any time.

Mail Sync

Our mail sync will sync over any emails and attachments that are being sent between you and a matter in you work email to Lawmatics, as long as the matter exists in Lawmatics with the same email address. 

Click on Mail Sync below Notifications to get started.

Then select your email provider, click I have read the instructions and I'm ready to connect my account, click CONNECT EMAIL ACCOUNT, enter the email address you would like to connect, and click SIGN IN

Now that your account is connected, you have the option to toggle on the following options shown in the screenshot below:

Click here to learn even more about these options.


Last but not least, your final user setting is to sync your external calendar. To how to connect your calendar, please click here