Logging Email in Lawmatics

Learn how Lawmatics can be integrated with your email provider to automatically log emails between you and contacts on their corresponding matter in Lawmatics

Lawmatics understands that you love your email client and that it is also critical for your email conversations with leads and contacts are kept in one place, right alongside your other communications with them. Our email integration allows you to do just that, without changing the way you work.

Connecting your email to Lawmatics will create a connection between your email address and Lawmatics. This means that any email sent to or received from an email that is connected to a matter in Lawmatics will automatically be logged in the timeline for that matter.

In order to connect your email, simply navigate to Settings > Mail Sync.

From there, you will need to follow instructions for the specific email provider you use. Please select from the list below

GSuite: Setup GSuite integration

Yahoo: Setup Yahoo integration

Outlook: coming soon

NOTE: Once connected, every email whose to or from email matches an email associated with a contact in Lawmatics will appear on that contact's matter details page, inside the timeline. This means every email. If you have an email that you need to send to a contact that you do not want logged in Lawmatics, you will need to use an email for that contact that is not associated with the contact in Lawmatics.

If you remove an email integration future emails will not be logged, however, all emails that have already been logged in Lawmatics will remain there. Please contact support if you need certain emails cleared out.