Tracking Referrals

If you are new to Lawmatics, when you go to the Marketing Settings page you will see one source already created, Referrals. This source comes built-in by default. You will use the Add New Source button at the bottom the page, to create any additional custom sources.

The Referrals source is special because it will allow you to select from contacts in your CRM as referrers, as opposed to manually creating campaigns. This is a great way to track individuals, such as other lawyers or colleagues or even past clients, who are referring leads to your firm. It also avoids the problem of needing to type in each referrer's name every time, which can lead to bad data if names are misspelled and added multiple times.

In the past, you may have tracked referrals separately as professional referrals or client referrals. In Lawmatics, we don't necessarily suggest separating out those referrals. Instead, you can simply track by the individual referrer themself, and that individual can be tagged as a colleague, client, lawyer, etc.

Let's take a look at how to track a new lead as a referral and select which of your contacts referred. Your first step is to go to that matter's profile.

Click the edit button at the bottom right of the matter's profile to populate both the Marketing Source and Campaign fields. The Marketing Source field will automatically pull a dropdown list of all of the sources that you have created on the marketing settings page, described above. Once you select a source from that field, you will then be able to select from any campaigns created for that source.

When you select Referrals as the source, the campaign field to the right will change to say Referrer. Rather than selecting from campaigns that you have created, for the Referrals source you will be able to select from any contacts in your CRM as the individual referrer. Easily search by their name or email address to select the proper individual.

Keep in mind that an individual will need to already exist as a contact in your CRM in order to select them from this list. If they are not yet a contact, you will first need to add them in. The easiest way to do this is to hover your mouse on the orange plus sign in the top right and select Add Contact.

It is also a good idea to mass import all of your referral contacts into your Lawmatics account. This step is usually done with help from our implementation team as you first begin transitioning to Lawmatics.

After you have selected contacts as referrers, as shown in the image above, you will see those contacts' names listed under Referrers on the marketing settings page.

If you wish to include this data in any custom reports, you will use the Campaign field, think of this field as synonymous with the Referrers list, as shown above.


How do I remove someone from the referrers list on the marketing settings page?

The Referrers list automatically displays any contacts who have been selected as a referrer on a matter. To remove them from the list, you would need to deselect them from the matter. With that being said, we do not recommend deleting data since it can always provide insights down the road.

How can I see which of my referral partners are bringing my firm the most leads?

On the marketing settings page, in the Referrers list, you will see numbers listed under each name showing you how many total matters that referrer brought in, as well as how many of those hired. You can also find this data by creating a custom report, using the campaign field to show your referrers. 

Can I delete the referrals source if I do not wish to use it?

No, this source comes built-in and cannot be deleted.