Time and Billing Settings

To access your firm's time and billing settings, start by clicking the settings gear icon near the top right of your page, then select Time/Billing Settings from the left sidebar. Note: all of the settings found on the Time/Billing page will apply firm-wide, as opposed to being for an individual user.

Let's walk through each setting related to time and billing found on this page.

Duration Precision

Here you can select how precisely you would like to track your time entries. By default, the system will automatically track one decimal point. For example, if you log an activity session for one hour and 10 minutes, this would be logged as 1.2 hours.

If you would like to have more precision for your time entries, you can opt to track your time with two decimal points. In the example given above, the time would be logged as 1.17 hours.

Time Entries & Expenses Columns

The main purpose of tracking your time and expenses in Lawmatics is to be able to able to invoice your matters accordingly for the time spent on their respective cases. This setting allows you to select which fields will all be visible on your invoices for both time and expenses.

You may wish to keep all of the available options selected, or you can click the edit pencil to the right, shown below, to remove certain selections. In the example below, you will see that we have removed the Description and User fields from the Time Entries Columns.

Now, when invoices are sent for time entries the invoice will appear like the sample below. Notice how it contains all of the fields shown above with the exception of Description and User.

Prepend Activity Type to Description

When tracking time and expenses, you will have the option to enter a description for the log. Each log will also have one of your activity types (see below) selected. 

This setting allows you to include the name of the activity type at the beginning of the description by default. In the example shown below, you will see that the description was entered manually as "Researched something really cool", and then the Activity Type was automatically added to the beginning of that description.

This description will be visible internally, as well as on the client's invoice if you have the description column selected.

Activity Types

When logging both time and expenses, you will need to select which of your activity types that log is for. To create your activity types, click the New Activity Type button, shown near the bottom right in the image below.

You will be prompted to give your activity type a name, set a default rate (if you would like), select whether or not is a flat fee activity, and assign a color.

You can also come back to this page at any point to edit your existing activity types or add additional types as needed.

Time Tracking Settings (Found on My Settings page)

You will not find this section on the Time/Billing Settings page, rather head to the My Settings page, found near the top left of the settings sidebar menu.

It is important to note that this setting is individual for each user, so each of your users will have the option to set a default billing rate respectively. When each user comes to their My Settings page, they can populate the default billing rate, or click the button highlighted below to add additional default rates for each activity type.

When adding a new rate, simply select which activity type the rate is for, enter the rate, select whether or not it is flat fee, and then click save.

Once you have set a default rater for a particular activity type for your user, then when logging an activity of that type, it will use your user rate as opposed to the standard firm rate for that activity.

To learn more about all of our time and billing features, click here.


Will all of my firm's users have access to the Time/Billing Settings?

You can set custom user roles by going to settings > manage users. Here you can manage your firm's various roles and choose whether or not to give them access to the Time/Billing Settings. 

Are there settings to customize the invoice that is sent for time and/or expenses?

You can customize the columns that are visible on your invoices for both time and expenses, but there are no further customizations available at this time.