Multiple Entry Conditions

When creating an automation in Lawmatics, your first step is always to select the trigger or entry condition. Sometimes, you may wish to select more than one entry condition. This can be useful if you want to trigger an automation using an "either/or" relationship on several different entry conditions, or if multiple entry conditions must all be met for the automation to trigger.

Begin by going to marketing > automation and create your automation. You will then click on the Entry Conditions box and select Add Entry Conditions. You will then see all available options appear on the right sidebar.

Your next step is to select your first entry condition. Note that you can mix and match any of the entry conditions in any combination, but for this example let's create an automation that triggers when one of two forms is filled out. 

We'll select the Filled a Form trigger, and then select the form we want to use as a possible trigger for this automation.

We will then click Save at the bottom right to save the first possible entry condition. Now we see that entry condition saved in the entry conditions box, as shown below. If we ever want to make changes to this entry condition, we will simply click the edit pencil, shown on the right side in gray below. To add our second form that could trigger this automation, we will click Add Entry Conditions once more.

You will then select the filled a form trigger from the menu on the right once more, and select the second form that could trigger this automation. Remember that you can use any of the entry conditions in conjunction, we are simply using two forms for this particular example. After you save your second entry condition, you will see the entry conditions box updated accordingly, as shown below.

We now have two different entry conditions for this automation, connected with an OR relationship. Notice the OR in green in the image above.

For this example, we do want these two entry conditions to have an OR relationship, because we want the automation to trigger when either form is filled out, they do not need to both be filled out.

If we did wish to only trigger the automation when BOTH forms are filled, then we will simply click on the word OR, and the relationship will change to AND.

Feel free to continue this process for as many entry conditions as you would like to add for an automation, making sure to select the proper AND/OR relationship accordingly.

Note that when using the Match on Fields entry condition, you also have the option to use advanced conditional logic.


What happens if you select multiple triggers within one entry condition?

This will automatically give those triggers an AND relationship within that entry condition. You can still add additional entry conditions, but an entry condition containing multiple triggers will only be met when all of the triggers are met.

Can you mix and match AND/OR relationships between multiple different entry conditions?

Yes, you can give multiple triggers an AND relationship by selecting them all within one entry condition. Then create another entry condition, and give that condition an OR relationship to the first condition.