Lawmatics Zapier App Overview

Zapier is a third party application that allows you to easily connect multiple different apps used by your firm and automate workflows between them. It moves info between your web apps automatically, so you can focus on your most important work.

Lawmatics has a number of built-in integrations that do not require the use of a third-party application such as Zapier. You'll find a list of our available native integrations by clicking here.

Should you wish to use any of our native integrations, you will simply login to your Lawmatics account, click the settings icon near the top right, and then select Integrations from the left sidebar menu. You will NOT need to use Zapier for any of these.

Should you wish to integrate with another software that we do not currently have an integration with, then your options are either to connect it to Lawmatics via Zapier, or using our open API

In order to connect to another software using our API, that software must also have an open API. In order to use Zapier to connect Lawmatics to another software, that software must haven an app on Zapier. Click here to browse available apps on Zapier.

Once you have determined that the app you wish to connect to is in fact on Zapier, then you can create a Zap to connect it to our Lawmatics Zapier app.

Zapier is intended to be a user-friendly platform that does not require a developer knowledge. As opposed to building your own integration from scratch using our API, which does require a developer.

In order to use Zapier, you will need to create an account with them. This will be separate from your Lawmatics account. Zapier offers limited functionality with a free account, as well as various other account options which can be viewed here.

The Lawmatics Zapier App offers a number of different triggers and actions that can be utilized with other apps on the platform. Many of these are similar to what you would see within a Lawmatics automation inside your Lawmatics account. Below you will see a list of our current available Zapier triggers, these are things that would start your Zap, typically taking some piece of information from Lawmatics, and connecting it to another platform:

On the flip side, we also offer a number of actions that can be used in your Zaps. When using a Lawmatics action, you will typically trigger your Zap using a different Zapier app (such as Slack or Gravity Forms), and then push information into Lawmatics. Here are our current available actions:

With Zapier the possibilities are endless to connect Lawmatics to any other software that has a Zapier app available. You can use any combination of triggers and actions between apps to send information back and forth however is needed for your firm.

Click here to walk through the steps of creating a Zap that connects Calendly to Lawmatics. This example contains elements that could be used for other app connections as well.