Practice Panther Integration

Lawmatics makes it easy to integrate your PracticePanther account with Lawmatics. If your firm uses PracticePanther for case management, this integration allows you to automatically sync matters from Lawmatics to PracticePanther, eliminating any need for multiple data entry.

Click here for step by step instructions on connecting your PracticePanther account to Lawmatics.

The article linked above is a useful resource for not only connecting your PracticePanther account, but also on mapping fields from Lawmatics to PracticePanther.

It is important to note that this integration is a one-way sync from Lawmatics to PracticePanther. Data entered in PracticePanther will not transfer back into Lawmatics.

After you have connected your PracticePanther account on the integrations page in Lawmatics and mapped your fields, there are a few additional customizations you can make as part of the integration. You will find these on the PracticePanther page found from the Integrations page in your Lawmatics settings.

On that page, you will see the following options displayed at the top, above the field mapping section.

Here you can customize what objects within a matter you would like to sync to PracticePanther. 

  • Matter Conversion Sync Enabled: This option will be on by default. This is what allows your matters to sync from Lawmatics to PracticePanther when the matter converts. 
  • Matter Note Sync Enabled: Turn this on to allow notes on your matters in Lawmatics to sync to your notes section on a matter in PracticePanther. Your notes are found on a matter's profile under the Notes tab, as shown below.
  • Matter Relationship Sync Enabled: This option allows any related contacts on a matter to sync to PracticePanther. These related contacts will be created as their own contact in PracticePanther, and connected to the matter via the appropriate relationship label. Remember, these relationships are found on the left side of a matter's profile as shown below.
  • Appointment Sync Enabled: Use this option if you would like automatically sync any appointments booked in Lawmatics onto your PracticePanther calendar. Keep in mind that with this option enabled, the matter will also be created automatically in PracticePanther when an appointment is booked for them in Lawmatics. This means that they may be synced to PracticePanther before they have actually hired the firm.

These selections can be edited at any time as you see fit.

There are two different ways to sync a matter from Lawmatics to PracticePanther: Conversion and Sync to Case Management. Let's break down each of those.

  • Conversion: The convert button is found at the top right of any PNC matter in Lawmatics. The convert action can also be built into an automation. Clicking the convert button (or triggering it in an automation) will do two things: 1. The matter will be synced to PracticePanther, and 2. The matter will change to a hired status in Lawmatics.
  • Sync to Practice Panther: Once you have your PracticePanther account connected on the Integrations page, you will also see a button at the top of each matter labelled Sync to PracticePanther. Use this button if you need to sync a matter to PracticePanther before they have actually hired the firm, since this button will NOT track the matter as a conversion/hired matter in Lawmatics. You can also build this action into an automation using the Sync to Case Management button.

After a matter has been synced from Lawmatics to PracticePanther you will still be able to add files, documents, data, etc. to the matter in Lawmatics. Should you wish to have any of this new data sync to Panther, simply click the Sync button found at the top of any matter that has already been synced and the new information will populate to the matter in Panther.

Clicking the Resync button will not result in a duplicate, but will simply update the existing matter that already exists in Panther.