Matter Auto-Numbering

Lawmatics makes it simple to create a custom automatic matter numbering template for keeping your matter case titles organized.

Before getting started, note that every matter has a case title, which is a built-in system field. The case title is found at the top of every matter's profile. It can always be manually edited on a one-off basis by clicking the edit pencil, as shown below.

Auto-Numbering makes it so you won't need to manually give each matter a case title.

To begin creating your auto-numbering template, go to your settings page found by clicking the gear icon near the top right corner. Then select Matters from the left sidebar. Scroll to the bottom of this page, and you will find the option to Enable Matter Numbering, as shown below, highlighted in red.

Simply turn this toggle on to begin creating your case title template. Once the toggle is turned on, you will see something similar to the image below.

First, select which matter status to apply the auto numbering to (shown on the right half of the image above). Select from Hired, PNC, Lost, or any combination of those three.

Then choose what number you want the numbering to begin from, along with how many leading zeros you would like to include before the number.

Next, you will select your numbering pattern. Select your custom pattern by clicking the plus sign, either after or before case number, in the image above. Once you click the plus sign, you will see the options as shown below. 

Select any fields in your CRM to be included in the case title automatically. You can also add custom text by typing into the box at the top and then click + ADD, or insert a space using the provided option.

Your auto numbering pattern may include key fields from your CRM such as the matter's last name, the practice area, the case description, or anything else you wish to include.

Once you have finished and saved your pattern, use the search matter drop down to view a preview of what the case title will look like for any particular matter. 

The auto numbering will apply automatically to any matters that meet your criteria based on the matter status(es) you have selected.