Merging Duplicate Matters or Contacts

Lawmatics automatically checks your contacts for duplicates based on matching email address, and prevents any duplicates from being created when a match is found. However, you may occasionally still end up with duplicates on contacts where one or both do not contain an email address.

Similarly, you may also end up with duplicate matters on occasion as well. For instance, a married couple may be looking for a joint estate plan but both accidentally reach out to you independently of one another, creating two separate matters that then need to be merged.

A highly requested feature, you now have the ability to easily merge any duplicate matters, contacts, or companies that find their way into your CRM. 

Simply navigate to a duplicate company, contact, or matter and select the Merge button, shown below.

The example above is shown from a contact, but it will look very similar on a matter or a company as well.

Once you have clicked the Merge button, you will then select the other contact/matter you wish to merge records with. The interface will then show you any discrepancies in data between the two and allow you to select which data should remain on the merged contact/matter on a field-by-field basis. 

The items shown in green will be included on the new merged contact/matter. Once you complete the merge, you will no longer have two separate contacts/matters, it will save as one record with the selected information.

Note that when merging matters, if the matters have a different primary contact, you will need to select which one will be the primary contact on the merged matter.

No more manual duplicate checking and data transfer!