Create and Send Email Templates

Creating email templates is an important step in automating your firm’s processes. It is very easy to create and send emails in Lawmatics.

You’ll create your firm’s emails by going to the Assets tab, and selecting Emails from the drop down list. There are two different types of emails you can create, plain text or HTML designed templates. Both of these options are found in the top right corner of the emails page.

The HTML templates are perfect for designing newsletters or announcements. You probably won’t want to use these for any of your regular correspondence with PNCs, plain text emails are better suited for that. To learn more about using our email design suite, feel free to check out this video.

Some examples of plain text email templates you might want to include in Lawmatics are appointment confirmations and reminders, follow up drip campaigns, missed appointment check ins, feedback/review requests, and many more.

Click Create Plain Text Email in the top right to create your email template. The name of your email is only visible internally. For the type of the recipient, if you plan on sending this email to clients or PNCs, you will want to choose Matter.

Selecting a practice area is optional, and is only necessary if you have created any practice area fields that you want to merge into the email.

Once you click create email, you will see the screen pictured below. Here you can either draft your email template, or if you already have email templates prepared you can copy and paste in the text. You have access to all of your fields if you want to merge anything into the email, as I’ve done below.

In the email editor you have all standard formatting options like colors, bullet points, hyperlinks, etc. You can also merge fields into the subject line as well as email body, if you would like. 

The preheader is optional to include, it will be a preview of the email that will be shown under the subject line in the recipient’s inbox.

There is no need to include your email signature here in the email template, instead you will create your email signature by going to settings, and then selecting my settings in the top left. Lawmatics will automatically include the proper email signature for whoever the email is sending from.

Select the toggle for Promotional Email if you would like to include an unsubscribe link with the email. You probably won’t need this for any of your regular correspondence like appointment confirmations, but if you’re sending out any marketing emails then you’ll likely want to make them promotional. If anyone clicks unsubscribe, they will automatically be prevented from receiving any more promotional emails from you in the future.

Sending Emails

After you’ve created an email, it will live under the Your Emails section on the emails page. You can use the icons on the far right to edit, send, delete, or view stats on the email. You will see the send icon circled below on the right.

If you don’t see the icons in your window, you may need to scroll over. When you click send, you’ll be able to select who you want the email to come from, who the recipient is, if you want to CC/BCC anyone, if there are any attachments, and if you would like to include the sender’s signature.

This is just one of the ways to send an email from Lawmatics. You can also send any of your emails via automation. All of the templates you see in the Your Emails section will be available to select from when adding a Send Email Action to an automation.

Another useful way to send your email templates is from an individual matter’s profile. This will allow you to make one-off edits to the template before sending it to that particular matter.

When you are viewing a matter’s page, you’ll click the blue Send Email button found at the very bottom of the screen. Click the button circled below to edit the email text. Once you are happy with the changes, you can click the same button to preview how the email will look with that matter’s fields merged in.

Lastly, you also have the option to send a quick send email to an individual matter by clicking the gray Send Email button on the matter, circled below. This is useful for drafting a one-time email that you wouldn’t need a template for. 

Whichever way you send an email from Lawmatics, it will show up on the recipient’s matter timeline at the time it is delivered, and again if they open it. If the matter opens it more than once, you will see each open as a separate activity on the timeline.