HTML Email Templates - Using the Design Suite

Creating beautiful templates that can be used for marketing is easy to do with our HTML email design suite. HTML emails are rich in content, they can contain anything from images to social media links to video thumbnails. When you receive newsletters or promotional emails from online companies you are receiving HTML emails. 

Follow the steps below, or watch the video above, to get started with HTML email templates.

1. From the Emails page (found under the Assets tab at the top of your page) click on "Create Template" in the top right.

2. Enter a name for your template and then select a template base to start from. You can always start with a blank slate, but we have several great templates to give you some inspiration.

3. Build your email, including any design elements and content pieces that you would like. For more specifics on the email creation, watch the video above. 

You can think of the template as a framework that you will use for adding new marketing copy every time you wish to send a new marketing email from that template. For example, in the image below, we created an area where we will link to an article every month in our newsletter email. Since this is the newsletter template, we just have placeholder text telling us what to do.

4. When you are done designing your template, click the "Save Template" button at bottom of screen. It is important to click "Save Template" and NOT "Save as Email" if you wish to save this as a template to be used as the base for future emails.

5. When you are ready to create a copy of this template as its own email, for example your newsletter for a particular month, then you will open up the template once more, and this time you will click Save As Email.

You will be prompted to enter some details about the new email you are creating from the template. Fill out the necessary fields. You will want to name the email something specific to the instance of the email you are sending. For example, if it is a newsletter, you might name the email Newsletter - February 2022.

Keep in mind that most marketing emails will be created as Any Contact recipient type, whereas case-specific emails for leads and clients will be saved as Matter type. 

6. Once you click create email, you will be taken back to the Email screen. The new email you created will now be available at the top of the "Your Emails" list, just below the Template section on the Emails page. In order to edit the new email, click on the edit icon for the newly created email in the "Your Emails" section. PLEASE NOTE: Depending on your screen size, the edit icon may require horizontal scrolling to see. If you don't see the icons in the table, just scroll to the right.

7. Once you click edit, you will be taken back to the HTML email editor canvas. You will see the entire template, as you created it, available for editing. You can easily replace all your placeholder content with new, fresh, relevant content.

8. Simply click on "Save Email" at the bottom when your email content is ready. Your email is now ready to be sent via any channel in Lawmatics!


How can I add an unsubscribe link to my emails?

Simply turn on the toggle option for Promotional Email, found at the top of the email when editing it. You won't see the unsubscribe link added in the editor, but when the email is sent it will include that link at the bottom. When someone unsubscribes they are automatically prevented from receiving future promotional emails.

How do I add attachments to an email template?

You actually won't save attachments on the template itself, rather you will select attachments when sending an email, either manually or via automation. First you will need to hover on the orange plus sign in the top right, select Upload File, and upload any files you wish to attach. Then, when sending an email, you will see an attachments option where you can select from any of your uploaded files. For HTML emails, you can also link to a web-hosted file using a button rather than attaching a file.

What is the best way to send out my newsletter?

You will want to use a "run once" email campaign for sending newsletters.