Custom Appointment Type Availability

When syncing your calendar in Lawmatics, you will have the opportunity to set your working hours and other availability settings. This is important to make sure you are not double-booked or booked outside of your available hours when using our booking links or appointment requests

In addition to setting your overall availability, you may also want to set limitations for particular appointment types. For example, you may wish to only take initial consultations on Mondays and Tuesdays, and take strategy sessions on Wednesdays and Thursdays. In order to set these customizations, you will use our custom appointment type availability option.

To set custom appointment type availability, go to settings (gear icon near the top right), then select Calendar Settings on the left sidebar. Keep in mind that calendar settings are a user setting, so each of your firm's users can customize their own options on that page.

Once you are on the calendar settings page, scroll down on page until you see the heading "Appointment Type Availability". Here, it will show all of the appointment types that have been created in your appointment/event settings on your settings page. 

Here you will see each of your firm's appointment types listed, as shown above. Click the edit icon on the right for each appointment to view the availability customizations for that appointment type. 

Different Availability Settings you can Utilize: 

  1. Select if you would only like to be available for this appointment type on certain days of the week
  2. Select the time you will be available for this appointment type on the days of the week selected (in this case Wednesday)
  3. You can choose to limit the number of bookings for this particular appointment type. Enter the number of appointments that you would like to set as the limit and then select the period to limit it by. You can enter a limit by Day, Week or Month. In the example above, this user will only accept 1 appointment of this type per day. Once an appointment of this type is booked on a particular day, the user will not be available for a second, even if they have openings on their calendar.
  4. Choose to add a custom buffer time for this specific appointment type if desired.
  5. Set a specific start interval for this appointment type. Some appointments you may wish to allow 30 minute interval start times, others may allow 15, and others you may wish to only start on an hour.
  6. This setting will limit how soon you can be booked for this appointment type, if you want to be able to be booked same day, next day, 1 week out, or any other custom amount of time.
  7. This determines how far out in the future you could be booked. For example, if you want someone to be able to book a maximum of 2 weeks in advance, then 2 weeks would be your rolling period.

Once you have made your selections to the options shown above, click Save at the bottom of the window, and your calendar bookings for that appointment type will be limited accordingly.

The custom appointment type availability will take precedence over the user's overall availability. If no custom availability is set for a particular appointment type, then the user's regular availability settings will be used.