Company Forms

When using a matter type custom form, you have the option to make the form a Company Matter Form. 

If your firm works primarily with companies rather than individual clients, this will be a good option for you because it allows you to create a company matter when the form is submitted. A company matter is unique from a regular matter because it has a company attached rather than an individual contact. Learn more about company matters here.

To create a company matter form, you will start by navigating to the custom forms page found under the Assets tab, click the edit pencil for the form you wish to edit (or create a new matter type form), and then select the Company Matter toggle near the top right. Note: you will only see this option for forms that are Matter type.

Once you have turned on the company matter toggle, you will also need to add the Company Name field to the form, because this field is required to create a company.

You will find this field in the Company Fields section, shown on the left sidebar in the image above. In the Company Fields section, you can also add the fields for Company Email, Phone, and Address. 

When populated in the form, these fields will save to the company information section on a company's profile, shown below.

When you are building your company matter custom form, you can still use any contact and/or matter fields on the form, in addition to the company fields.

Any matter fields that are used on the form will of course populate information onto the matter.

Any contact fields used on the form will be saved as a new point of contact for the company. So you can still create the company with its own email address and contact information, AND have company contacts each with their own contact information as well.

When these fields are populated and submitted on the form, the system will automatically create that person as a contact, and link it to the company as the point of contact, shown on the company profile below.

You can also find more information on navigating company profiles here.

If your firm works with both companies and individuals, you can feel free to have some company matter forms, and other forms can remain regular matter forms.

If you exclusively work with companies, you can opt to default the Company Matter toggle to "on" in your matter custom forms. To do this, go to settings (gear icon near the top right), select Firm Settings from the left sidebar, and then enable the setting called "Company Matters Enabled". 

You can still use company matters and company matter forms without this setting enabled, but enabling it will default the Company Matter option to "on" for all of your matter custom forms.

If you would like to learn more about creating custom forms in general, you can do so here.


Can I change a form I already use to be a company matter form?

Yes, simply edit the form and turn on the Company Matter toggle in the top right. You will also need to add the Company Name field onto the form, found in the company fields section on the left sidebar.

Will a matter created from a company matter form still run through my automations?

Yes, if this matter meets the entry conditions for any automations it will trigger just like a normal matter. If the automation is sending anything out, it will send to the contact that is selected as the main of contact for the company.

Why am I getting a red error when trying to save my company matter form?

If you do not have the Company Name field on the form you will get a red error message in the top right corner when trying to save a company matter form. Expand the company fields section on the left sidebar, drag the Company Name field onto the form, and then you should be able to save.