Email Campaign Statistics

One of the main reasons to use an email campaign to send out your firm's marketing emails is to track the performance of each campaign. This includes bounces, opens, and clicks. 

To view the stats for an email campaign, go to marketing > campaigns, and click on the name of the campaign.

Let's take a closer look at these 3 things being tracked in your email campaigns:

  • Bounces: This stat will tell you if the email was successfully delivered or not. Note that are two different columns, shown below, for delivered and for bounced. There are a number of things that can happen between your email server and the recipient's server that could cause a bounce and/or for the email not to be delivered. For example, if the recipient has an advanced firewall it might not register a bounce, but it also may not be delivered. You also may see that it bounced, but also that the email was Clicked, this is an indicator of a spam checker.

  • Opens: You can track this stat in two ways, first the campaign will simply track a yes or no response for whether or not the email was opened by the recipient. If the email was opened, then the system will also track the number of times the email was opened. You will see the total number of unique opens as an overall stat for the campaign, this number reflects how many different recipients opened the email as opposed to the total number of opens.

  • Clicks: This stat is particularly important if you have any links, buttons, or other calls to action in your email. If a recipient clicks on something in your email, then it will register as a "yes" for the Clicked stat. Similar to with opens, the system will also track the total number of times they clicked.

If you are sending out a Run Once email campaign, then you will be able to view your stats as soon as the campaign has been activated and the email has been sent. This could be from manual activation or from a scheduled send. If you check the stats immediately after the email is sent, you will get a good indication of the delivery/bounce rate, but keep in mind that the additional stats like opens and clicks will be logged over time as the recipients open or click on any links in the email. 

With Repeating campaigns, keep in mind that your stats will not necessarily appear as soon as you activate the campaign, since these campaigns will be running on a specific interval over a period of time. Also remember that with this type of campaign, you may see the same contacts listed several times in the stats, since they are receiving the email repeatedly.

With Date Based campaigns, you will generally see the stats slowly tick up after you have activated the campaign. By definition, your recipients in this type of campaign will only receive the email once a year on the appropriate date for them, so as time passes more recipients will have received their email. 


Can I send an automatic follow up email specifically to recipients who opened or clicked on the email?

Yes, you can create an automation (marketing tab > automation) using the Custom Email Activity entry condition. When using this trigger, you will select the original email that was sent, and then select the status as either clicked or opened, whichever you wish to use. You can then add in an action item for sending the follow up email. This will trigger the automation on any targets who opened or clicked the original email, and send them the follow up email.

What happens if someone unsubscribes from an email?

It is very important to turn on the Promotional Email option when you are creating or editing any emails that are to be used for marketing purposes. Turning on this toggle will include an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email when it is sent. If anyone unsubscribes, they will automatically be prevented from receiving any future promotional emails from you. They could still receive any of the non promotional emails. 

Can I export a list of my email stats?

This is not currently an option, but stay tuned for future feature updates.