Date Based Email Campaigns

Date-Based campaigns allow you to automatically send an email on a variable date field for each target in your audience. For example, you may select Hire Date as the date for the campaign, then you will have an email automatically sent to each target on the anniversary of their hire date.

To create a date-based email campaign, you will start by hovering your mouse on the Marketing tab at the top of the page, and then select Campaigns. When you click the button to add a campaign, you will make the appropriate selections for your campaign name, audience, custom email, etc, then select the Date Based option.

In the image above, you will see that I have given my campaign a name, selected an audience list, selected from my custom emails, chosen who the email will come from, if I would like any attachments included, and then I have selected Date Based as the type of campaign.

After you select Date Based, you will need to select which field should be used for the date for this campaign. You will be able to select from any date type fields in your CRM, including custom fields. Note that if you have selected an audience of contacts, as opposed to matters, you will not be able to select a matter field as the date field for this campaign.

In the image below, you will see that I have selected a custom field, Hire Date, as the field for the campaign. I have also selected what time of day the email should send on each individual's hire date.

If there are targets on your selected audience list who do not have a hire date populated, they would not receive an email from this campaign even though they are on the audience list. Reminder that fields are populated on the Details page for each contact or matter. Below you will see the Hire Date custom field, used for this example, on a matter's profile.

Remember, Hire Date is just an example. You can use any of your date type custom fields for a date-based campaign.

Once you have created your campaign, you last step is to activate it by clicking the button highlighted below:

Once the campaign is active, then it will start sending the email on the appropriate date for each individual at the specific time you have selected.


How are date-based campaigns different than repeating campaigns?

Repeating campaigns send the email on a certain interval such as weekly, monthly, etc. Date-based campaigns require you to select a date field from your CRM, and the campaign sends the email on the specific date populated into that field for each target. For example, if you create a date-based campaign for the birthdate field, then the email will send to each target once a year on their birthday. 

Can I get more information on how to create a birthday email campaign?

Yes, feel free to watch our comprehensive guide to sending out birthday emails.