Call Settings

If your firm is using one of our phone integrations, CallRail or RingCentral, then you will see a section labelled Call Settings on the left sidebar of your settings page (click the gear icon near the top right to access settings page). In your Call Settings you will be able to customize your call dispositions for both answered and unanswered calls.

Call dispositions are used to assign a label to each of your calls, this will help you keep track of calls that were answered, voicemail left, spam call, etc.

On the Call Settings page you will click the Add New Call Disposition button, shown at the bottom of the image below, to add your various call dispositions.

Once you have created your dispositions, then you will need to add them to the answered or unanswered list accordingly. After assigning them, make sure you also click the Save button, shown on the right below.

To view your call history, you will click the phone icon near the top right of your screen. Note: this icon will only appear once you have connected either the CallRail or RingCentral integration.

Click the arrow icon on the far right to expand the information for a particular call, then click the icon highlighted below to set the call disposition and log any notes for that call.

You can also set the call disposition from the call activity logged on a particular matter's timeline, as shown below.


Why don't I see the Call Settings section on my settings page?

You will only see this page if you have RingCentral or CallRail connected. To connect one of these integrations, go to settings > integrations.

Do I need to log dispositions on my calls?

No, this is optional. It can be useful to help you track and organize your calls, but it is not required.