Google AdWords Integration

We're excited to include Google AdWords to our integration lineup. This integration is designed to automatically import your marketing spend and campaign data from AdWords, logging these respectively in your Lawmatics marketing sources and campaigns. Syncing your AdWords account with Lawmatics is a breeze, we'll walk through the steps here. 

First, head to the Integrations page in your Lawmatics Admin settings. Here you will see Google AdWords listed as an available integration, click on it and you will then see the screen shown below. Click the button on the right to Connect Google AdWords.

You will then be prompted to sign in to your Google account and authenticate the integration. Once you have gone through these steps, you will see that the integration appears as connected on your Lawmatics integrations page, as shown below.

Now that your AdWords account is connected, Lawmatics will automatically pull in the amount of money spent on marketing sources and campaigns from AdWords, and log them on the corresponding campaigns in your Lawmatics marketing settings. This is a one-way sync, pulling data from AdWords to Lawmatics rather than the other way around.

Tracking marketing spend is important to do so that Lawmatics can give you accurate reporting on your ROI and help you make informed decisions for the future of your firm's marketing.

Navigate to your firm's marketing sources page in settings to create a source for Google AdWords. Add in each campaign that you are running in AdWords, and the integration will automatically log the spend accordingly. 

This integration allows you to make the most of our built-in source reporting and ROI tracking like never before by syncing your AdWords data into the CRM automatically.

Should you ever need to disconnect or reconnect this integration for any reason, the spend data pulled in from this integration will not be removed from your Lawmatics account.