Time & Billing Custom Reports

Lawmatics has long been your one stop shop for everything reporting-related, and this now includes your reporting on time entries, invoices, and transactions. We pride ourselves on the ability to build completely customized reports in our platform, and you can do that when it comes to your invoices as well. You can still access our standard built-in time & billing reports as a supplement to these custom reports.

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To get started with a custom time entry, invoice, or transaction report simply navigate to the Reporting page found under the Insights tab and then click the button to create a new report. Here you will see the options for the various types of reports you can create, including both Time Entries, Invoices, and Transactions. Select one of the three to get started with a custom time entry, invoice, or transaction report.

Invoice Reports

Starting with an Invoice report as our example, you will see a number of invoice-related columns already selected in your report, as shown below in the Columns section.

You can then feel free to customize both the columns and grouping in the report however you would like. Click in the Columns drop down, as shown below, to start typing a field you wish to find or scroll through your entire database of fields (including custom fields, matter fields, appointment fields, etc).

In addition to Invoice fields, you can also choose Trust-related fields such as Total Trust Balance, Allocated Trust Balance, and Unallocated Trust Balance.

Time Entry Reports

You will go through a nearly identical process when creating a Time Entry report as opposed to Invoice. As you scroll through either type of report you will see a section of fields specific to the unique type of report you have selected, notice the specific Time Entry Fields section shown below.

Transaction Reports

Beyond invoices and time entries, Lawmatics also allows you to create custom reports based on transactions. These reports offer tailored insights with specific columns and filters specific to each transaction. In addition to adding columns and grouping, you also have the option to filter your report. Once again, select from any field in your entire database, time & billing related or not, and then select the condition that will set the filter. 

The same applies for a time entry report and a transaction report, feel free to select any filters that you wish to add to the report. As you select filters, you will automatically see a preview of the report showing only the entries that meet your selected filters.

In addition to creating custom field filters, you can also customize your date filters. First, select from the many different options for the date range. Choose from standard matter options such as matter created at or converted at, as well as billing specific options like "invoiced at" or "due at".

Once you have selected which of these choice will set your date range, you will then choose the range itself. Feel free to choose from time relative options like "this week" or "last month", these options will allow the report to dynamically update each time you view it. Or select the custom option to enter your own custom date range.

You are now ready save and view your report. Click the green button labelled as such at the bottom of your screen to view the complete report. At this point your selected filters and columns are saved, so you can feel free to exit out of the report and come back any time, and the system will automatically show the most up to date version of the report. You also have the options to edit the report further as needed or export the report to view it in Excel.

Just like with any Lawmatics report, you also have the option to subscribe to a report to make sure you can easily view all the data you need exactly when you need it.